Money matters. Money touches everything that we do. We cannot function in this society without it. Gain the skills and knowledge that will empower you with money competence.

Become adept in money matters with Susannah Kavanaugh, LCPC, and, Certified Money Coach through the Money Coaching Institute.

Susannah Kavanaugh

As a counselor, Susannah has worked with individuals, couples, and families within Community Service Agencies as well as within her own private practice. Additionally, Susannah has contributed as a member of an Oversight Committee for her own family’s complex trust for 30+ years. As a young adult, Susannah developed foundational financial skills including budgeting and expense tracking. As she continued her education pertaining to the extensive foray of investments that exist to create and to maintain wealth, she experienced the feeling that money competence eluded her. Only when she explored her relationship with money, the messages that she internalized as a child about money, and how money impacted her perceptions of life, did she begin to experience peace in her relationship with money.

Susannah will be the first to tell you that gently and curiously evaluating your relationship is a process and a journey and that she is still learning about herself and her relationship with money. Susannah is passionate about collaborating with her clients to identify the money blocks that impede their success and guide them to shift their thoughts, perspectives, and behaviors related to their money matters.


  • Client centered coaching/consultation

  • Communication and trust building

  • Values and goal identification

  • Alliance building

  • Confidential, professional relationships

  • Inspiring and igniting action

  • Solution-based outcomes

  • Philanthropy and gifting
  • Resource identification

  • Topics related to wealth and beneficiaries

Today, Susannah is honored to partner with clients to empower them to view money as a tool to generate lives filled with passion and a strong sense of self-worth. Through examination of personal values and goals, she collaborates with clients to create an action plan geared toward bringing those values and goals to life. Susannah constantly strives to build her referral database so that she might match clients with providers, e.g., accountants, bookkeepers, trust and estate lawyers, financial advisors, and financial planners. Susannah is an ardent believer that we all need a team to support us to reach financial success, whatever that means to each and every one of us, and, that we deserve to have people on our team that are true advocates for our personal and financial well-being.

Join Susannah today in your rewarding and impactful exploration of your money story, into what truly matters in your financial world, and to ensure that you have the experience of financial confidence and the emotional peace that you deserve.


  • FFI GEN Certificates in Family Business Advising and Family Wealth Advising through the Family Firm Institute in Boston
  • Therapy Training Boston – Intensive Family Systems and Couples Therapy 2016
  • Certified Money Coach through the Money Coaching Institute 2021
  • Completed Jean Chatzky’s Finance Fixx Course in 2022
  • Candidate for Accredited Financial Counselor Certification
  • Participant in Bari Tessler’s Art of Money Coaching Mentorship Program 2022


  • Volunteer and a Member of the Board of Directors at Windhorse Equine Learning in Bozeman, MT from October 2019 to June 2020.
  • Volunteer for Horse SenseAbility, a non-profit providing equine therapy for children and assisted in Program Development in Sherborn, MA in 2019.
  • Member of the Board of Directors at The Whole Child in Upton, MA, from 2017 to 2019.

“Susannah provided me with such an incredible experience as my money coach. She is armed with fantastic tools and was very easy to work with. I had several “Aha” moments while we dug into my past money memories. The 4 sessions doing the core process were invaluable and have allowed me to open my eyes to my beliefs and values – what works and what doesn’t. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Thank you Susannah for being such a wonderful money coach.”

“Through Susannah’s innate ability to expand my understanding of who I know myself to be, to encourage me to refocus on what is vital, to challenge me to grow, and to remind me that I am perfect in my imperfections, I have come home to myself.”

“Unconsciously, we accept that money is our greatest resource, but then we feel we have wasted, neglected, abused, avoided, or coveted it. Secretly, we feel guilty and ashamed and are unable to communicate these feelings to others.”

“Unconsciously, we accept that money is our greatest resource, but then we feel we have wasted, neglected, abused, avoided, or coveted it. Secretly, we feel guilty and ashamed and are unable to communicate these feelings to others.”

Deborah Price