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Special presentation on Money and Worth

Attending to our Money Matters brings up many emotions. It is impossible to avoid the topic as it touches every aspect of our lives, yet, many of us try to do just that. Our decisions about money are 80% emotional. We give it the power to leave us feeling fear, anxiety, shame, regret, disappointment, and embarrassment faster than any other facet in our lives. Often, we tie our self-worth to money.

As a financial therapist, Susannah guide’s her clients to disentangle themselves from their emotions by exploring the role that they want money to play in their lives. They learn to shift their thoughts and perceptions of money to be able to recognize it simply as a tool. Together, we explore their personal values and goals to change the focus of their financial decision-making. Empowering individuals with their finances includes creating money rituals and habits that leave my clients feeling free and optimistic about their futures, as well as, confident in their Money Matters. Financial freedom and enhanced confidence positively impact feelings of self-worth as clients recognize that they are not defined by the numbers in their personal financial accounts.

Susannah Kavanaugh is a Certified Money Coach and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. She worked as a financial analyst in the banking and the investment world as she pursued her MBA. As parenting became her primary focus, she pursued her Masters in Clinical Counseling. While working with individuals, couples, and families, Susannah realized that the topic of money was often left ignored in family dynamics. She learned that families were quickly empowered as soon as open communication channels were created pertaining to money. And from then on, Susannah’s desire to empower individuals and families regarding their personal Money Matters has remained her passion.

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